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When you are ailing, you always call a trained physician. When your shrubs, lawn, and trees are in need, consider the same standard of care by calling a certified arborist at a professional tree service company, who are experts in the industry serving Prairieville, LA and Baton Rouge, LA.

If you are looking for a reliable tree service in Prairieville and Baton Rouge, look no further. At Joles Tree Service, catering to your residential and commercial tree needs is our top priority. Whether your needs consist of tree trimmings, stump grinding, tree removals or any other tree services, our experience and quality of service, is unrivaled.

Tree maintenance in Prairieville, LA

We employ a licensed, certified arborist

Our family-owned company is run by Joe Joles, a third-generation arborist. We are licensed, bonded and insured to take care of trees of all types and sizes. We take pride in providing professional, courteous and efficient tree services to our clients in the Prairieville and Baton Rouge, LA area.

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Louisiana Arborist License #2224

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When should you contact a Professional Tree Service Company?

If any of these circumstances resonate with you, it is the high time to have a tree service professional put his special abilities into practice. Seek help if:
•Trees or branches are too close to your house
•Trees are blocking scenic views
•Trees need to be pruned or trimmed
•Trees are growing under the power lines
•Trees are injured by construction or stressed from drought
•Trees are dead, declining, or damaged by diseases
•Trees have fallen after the storm

We provide a range of tree services which include:

Tree trimming

Why is tree trimming such an important practice? Trees are pruned or trimmed to improve their health. Also, there are situations in which tree's development causes branches to come into contact with your property (windows, chimneys, electrical wires), hence the need for trimming. Moreover, pruning makes trees more resistant to wind and other harsh weather heavy conditions.
When it comes to providing the kind of quality tree trimming and pruning service that our Baton Rouge clients can count on, we certainly know the business. Excellent service, skillful trimming, and pruning are our second name. You will be surprised at how fast and magnificently we will get your trees into shape.

Tree removal

While some arborists opt for the preservation of tree life and would never advise removing a tree, there are certain incidents where removing a tree, is your only perfect option. Tree removal is recommended for plants posing danger on your homestead, trees with fruiting bodies, trees damaged by weather, trees with root rot and many more. At Joles Tree Service, we have the necessary equipment, training, personnel, and knowledge to carry out any tree removal assignment efficiently and safely.

Stump grinding

An ugly stump on your residence can draw a lot of negative attention from your guests. Additionally, tree stumps are likely to get infected with wood decay fungi, which in time grow into the soil and become a risk to your other healthy trees.
With our careful stump grinding services, we promise to beautify and improve your lawn. We grind tree stumps and backfill with a combination of topsoil and mulch, making your yard look like no tree or shrub was ever in that spot.

Tree preservation & risk assessment

In both suburban and urban areas, damaged or unhealthy trees present a considerable risk to the general public and property. We can help you mitigate tree risk via our professional tree preservation and risk assessment services.
Our certified arborists have a good understanding of tree structure, biology, and mechanics and will conduct a thorough inspection that spots specific defects and conditions that may denote an above average risk to you and your property. Also, we have high-tech equipment for detecting defects and internal decay not visible from the exterior.

Why we are the best tree service Baton Rouge Company

  • Safety is guaranteed - Besides beauty, safety is the most vital aspect of tree services. With the risky nature of our industry, a culture and guarantee of safety in a Tree Care Company is important. At Joles Tree Services, we have qualified staff who adhere to industry safety standards and policies. When carrying out our work, we avoid risking the life of the residents. We also go an extra mile in protecting your property and young growing trees too.
  • Fully certified, insured and bonded - Do you value your car, house, and other home belongings? If yes, ensure you hire a Baton Rouge tree service company that is fully insured. Basically, when inviting people to come to your home to perform a dangerous task like removing a tree, you must ensure they are covered and can be trusted. Well, we are here to alleviate your worries. We are one of the most careful tree experts in the region and try so hard not to use our insurance; however, if a mistake was to happen, we have an appropriate policy to cover any type of damages.
  • Convenient and reliable - We provide 24-hour emergency response service and our operations are open year-round. Our devoted team is committed to ensuring you receive any kind of tree service in a timely manner. Most notably, we try to fit into your schedule. For working professionals, we try to visit their homes during the weekends or any other time convenient to them; and for families who value privacy and tranquility; we try to operate with minimal disruption to their daily activities.
  • Valuable expertise and equipment - Quality tree services require a lot of expertise and professionalism. We have a great understanding of tree species, diseases, and insects. We also have a plethora of modern equipment with very specific purposes. Save yourself the many Google searches and cost of buying your own equipment by contacting professionals with the skills and apparatus for getting the task done right.
  • Affordable - Our best price guarantee means Baton Rouge clients will only receive the most affordable prices every time they seek our services. What you see is what you get; no gimmicks, no hidden fees.

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    With proper tree maintenance, the end product is a vibrant utopia which is both breathtaking and uplifting. Specializing in difficult and emergency tree services, there is no task too dangerous for Joles Tree Service proudly serving Prairieville, LA and Baton Rouge, LA. Feel free to contact us at (225) 938-8733 for a free estimate today!