Stump Grinding & Tree Cutting Services

Tree Stump Grinding in Prairieville and Baton Rouge, LA

Few landscaping issues are more loathsome than dealing with unpleasant stumps left behind after a tree removal project. Not only are tree stumps ugly to look at, they can also pose a danger to your family members. Get rid of your stump problems today by contacting a professional tree stump grinding company.

Hiring inexperienced people to undertake a tree stump grinding project can be quite risky, they might end up denting your lawn badly or damaging your property. We are trusted tree service experts who guarantee professional and safe stump grinding services in Prairieville and Baton Rouge.

Keep in mind, a complete stump removal entails taking the whole tree stump together with its roots out of the ground. However, sometimes, it is not necessary to completely take out the stump, and that is where our grinding services come in. Simply, by employing a high-tech stump grinder to pulverize the stump into mulch, we easily get rid of the stump completely.
Via our stump grinding services, you will not only eliminate these irritating eyesores from your lawn but also have access to the mulch produced as a result of the grinding process. You can use the mulch in your garden, or if you wish, we can take it away with us, leaving your lawn spotlessly clean.

Get first-rate stump grinding services in Prairieveille and Baton Rouge, LA with Joles Tree Service!

Experience the difference of hiring experts who place your happiness as their prime goal. Joles Tree Service will work closely with you to meet you unique stump grinding and stump removal needs. Call us today at (225) 938-8733 and we will schedule a free estimate.

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3 good reasons for tree stump grinding

Unless a stump is helping maintain stability in your yard, it should be removed by a professional tree service company. Here's why:

  1. Termites love rotting wood and will colonize inside the stump
  2. Removal can help your yard with any drainage issues caused by the stump
  3. You'll be able to landscape the area and remove any traces of an old stump