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Tree trimming and pruning is a science as well as an art. The art involves removing the deadwood and unwanted branches to enhance the beauty of your trees. On the other hand, the science aspect involves understanding the tree biology and skillfully minimizing or eliminating defects without hampering the tree's growth or causing irreversible damages.

Benefits of professional tree trimming services

Some people try trimming trees themselves and end up doing it the wrong way. Why risk the life of your beloved tree or incur unnecessary costs when you can leave all the dirty work to professionals? Finding a certified tree trimming service in Parireville and Baton Rouge, LA is all you need to transform the aesthetic look of your trees and landscape in general.

At Joles Tree Service, we have a deep biological knowledge when it comes to trees and know how to carry out a professional tree trim that presents benefits such as:
•A stronger and healthier tree with an extended lifespan
•More sunlight penetration that results to a beautiful and lush undergrowth
•Fewer unsightly, dangerous and unhealthy limbs
•Increased strength to resist high winds and storms

Common tree trimming services that we offer:

Common tree trimming services that we offer:

•Crown reduction - This involves selective removal of branches to boost air movement and sunlight penetration through the crown.

•Elevating canopy - Removal of lower tree branches to provide clearance for vehicles, pedestrians, buildings and views.

•Deadwood removal - Removal of dead, diseased, and weakly attached tree branches for healthy and aesthetical purposes.

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